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Company NameTelEmailWebSiteNationality
Eastar Chemical Corporation 1-800-898-2436 [email protected] www.eastar.com United States
Eastern Chemical Corp. 631 273-0900 [email protected] www.easternchemicalcorp.com United States
Eastman Chemical Company 1 800 EASTMAN (EXT. 1480) www.eastman.com United States
Eburon Organics N.V. +32 3 314 40 87 [email protected] www.eburon-organics.com Belgium
ECA International Corporation 847 358 8178 [email protected] www.ecacorporation.com United States
Echo Resins and Laboratory (573) 378-5565 [email protected] www.echorez.com United States
EJY Tech, Inc. 301 526 7059 [email protected] www.ejytech.com United States
Elan Chemical Inc. 973 344 8014 [email protected] www.elan-chemical.com United States
Elementis Pigments, Inc. 618 646 2133 www.elementispigments.com United States
Elkimia, Inc. 514 241 6586 [email protected] www.elkimia.com Canada
EMD Chemicals Inc. 800-222-0342 [email protected] www.emdchemicals.com United States
Electron Microscopy Sciences 800 523 5874 [email protected] www.emsdiasum.com United States
Enamine (380) 44 537 32 18 [email protected] www.enamine.net Ukraine
ENDEAVOUR SPECIALITY CHEMICALS LTD. +44 1327310079 [email protected] www.endeavourchem.co.uk United Kingdom
ENDOTHERM GmbH +49 6819388350 [email protected] www.endotherm.de Germany
Endura +39 051 5281711 [email protected] www.endura.it Italy
Ennova MedChem Group Inc., formerly Arch Corporation 732 745 4805 [email protected] www.ennovamedchem.com United States
Epsilon Chimie 33 2 98 42 46 50 [email protected] www.epsilon-chimie.com France
Equinox Chemicals, LLC 877 815 9021 (office - toll free) [email protected] www.eqxchem.com United States
Esprit Chemical Company 800-2-ESPRIT [email protected] www.esprixtech.com United States
Organix +44 1394 389514 www.essex.ac.uk United Kingdom
Euroasia Trans Continental +91 22 56349035-36 [email protected] www.euroasiachem.com India
Eurolabs Limited 44 1625 850089 www.eurolabs.co.uk United Kingdom
Epochem Co., Ltd +86 21 6760-1595, 6760-1597 [email protected] www.epochem.com China
Jiangsu ever galaxy chemical co.,ltd. 025-84596982 /(0)18602515822 [email protected] www.egchemical.com China
Zhejiang Esigma Animal Health Co., Ltd 0573-87969898 [email protected] www.esigmabio.com China
Easternchem Company Limited +86-510-85032271 / 85055293 [email protected] www.easternchem.com.cn China
Shanghai Ever-thriving Trading Co., Ltd 86 021 64854704 [email protected] www.ever-thriving.com China
Hangzhou ERA Technology Company www.eratechchem.com China
Shanghai Exopharm Co., Ltd www.exopharm.com China
Zhangjiagang East Agrochemical Co., Ltd +86-512-58589198,58055989 [email protected] www.east-agrochem.com China
Shanghai Ecust Biomedicine Co., Ltd 86-021-54827220 [email protected] www.ecust-biomed.com China
Epoch Biosciences (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd 0086-755-26980612, 21180592 [email protected] www.epochbiopharm.com China
Tianjin Dongpeng Industry And Trade Co., Ltd 022-58089621/22 [email protected] www.edongpeng.com China
Nanjing Sunglow Imp & Exp Co., Ltd 86 025 52347157 52347158 [email protected] www.east-sunglow.com China
Chengdu Entry Scientific and Technological Development Co., Ltd 86-28-85480141 85480145 [email protected] www.entry-cn.com China
Ensky Chemical Co., Ltd 86-023-86815286 86815288 [email protected] www.ensky-chemical.com China
Changzhou Eastchem International Co., Ltd 0519-69881009 [email protected] www.eastchem.net China
Zhejiang Euchem Chemical Co., Ltd 0579-82305009 [email protected] www.euchem.com.cn China
Nanjing Everest Chemical Matertal Co., Ltd 025-84724757,025-84724758 www.everestchem.com China
Shanghai Everchem Co., Ltd 86-29-81325371 [email protected] www.everchem.cn China
Nanjing Elegant Nutraceuticals Co., Ltd 0086-25-83241153, 83241163 [email protected] www.elegantnutri.com China
EnzMed (Nanjing) Co., Ltd +86 25 85800008, +86 25 85801066 [email protected] www.enzmed.com China
Everlight Chemiecolor Enterprise (632) 2410076 , (632) 2426934, (632) 4801046 [email protected] www.everlightchemiecolor.com China
Edengene Chemical Limited 86 0519 85208709 88298848 [email protected] www.edengenechem.com China
Gu'an Enkang Medicine Chemical Raw Material Co., Ltd 86-0316-6126555 [email protected] www.enkang.com.cn China
Liaoyang Tianyuan Chemical Plant (86)419-4150183 [email protected] www.edta-fe.com China
Eutec Chemical Co., Ltd +886-2-25312309 [email protected] www.eutec.com.cn China
Jiangxi Jitai Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd. 0557-5236999 [email protected] www.eastskypharm.cn China
East Million Asia Limited 213-427-9700 [email protected] www.eastmillion.com China
Emerald-Shanghai Incorporation +8621-6864-0170 [email protected] www.emerald-shanghai.com China
Jingjiang East Chemical Co., Ltd 0523-84351078 [email protected] www.east-chemical.com China
Shanghai Entropy Chemical Co., Ltd (86)21-55122488,55123028 [email protected] www.entropy-ch.com China
Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation +886-(0)3-578-3620 [email protected] www.ecic.com China
Shanghai Trustin Chemical Co., Ltd 021-61086350 [email protected] www.etrustin.com China
Shanghai Echem Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd 86-10-62364228 [email protected] www.echem-sh.com China
Eternwin Chemicals (China) Ltd www.eternwinchem.com China
Eonian Enterprise Co., Ltd 886-7-323-5988 [email protected] www.eonian.com.tw China
Shanghai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd 86 021 61838522 [email protected] www.ecofinechem.com China
Shanghai Guanghua Technology Co., Ltd 021-51098368 [email protected] www.e-chem.com.cn China
Jiangsu Equalchem Co., Ltd +86-513-80923038,83887909 [email protected] www.equalchem.com China
Zhejiang Esun Chemical Co., Ltd 86-0571-56286531 [email protected] www.esunchem.com China
Guizhou Qingzhen Rise Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd 86-851-2569016 [email protected] www.eschemical.com China
Shanghai Early-Bird Chemical Co., Ltd 86 021 61074296 [email protected] www.eachem.com China
Everspring Chemical Co., Ltd +886-4-23592448 [email protected] www.everspringchem.com China
Nanjing Essence Fine-Chemical Co., Ltd 86 025 86518999 ext. 836 [email protected] www.essencechem.com China
Zhejiang Excel Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 86-0576-84160008 [email protected] www.excelpharma.com China
Suzhou Eagro Limited 0512-68188011 68188022 [email protected] www.eagro.net China
Eastar Chemical Corporation 86 021 52367099 [email protected] www.eastarchem.com China
Yueyang General Petro-Chemical Works Epoxy Resin Factory 0730-8493444 8481621 [email protected] www.epoxyresin.com.cn China
EURO - Sarm 596 831 098 [email protected] www.eurosarm.cz Czech
Wangs Ltd +86-756-2522501/ [email protected] www.ewangs.com China
Enzal Chemicals (India) Limited 91-22-56926473 -78 [email protected] www.enzal.com India
Exxon Mobil Corporation. 281) 870-6000 [email protected] www.exxonmobilsynthetics.com Norway
Enpeak Technology Co. Ltd. 86-797-2198786 13613042875 [email protected] www.enpeak.com China
Excelsyn Molecular Development Ltd. +44 (0)1352 717100 www.excelsyn.com United Kingdom
Estech Co., Ltd. www.estechpharma.com South Korea
Hangzhou East Biochem Co., Ltd. 86-571-86576993 [email protected] www.east-biochem.com China
NIPPON OIL CORPORATION 81-3-3502-1131 www.eneos.co.jp Japan
A/S Den norske Eterfabrikk 47-22 78 26 00 [email protected] www.eter.no Norway
Euchemy industry Co. Limited. 86-571-88162019 [email protected] www.euchemy.com China
Jiaxing Dongfang Resin Factory 0573-83103997 83101998 [email protected] www.eastresin.com China
Euticals S.p.A. +39-0371-49-021/ +39 02 822 83 51 [email protected] www.euticalsgroup.com Italy
Extrasynthese +33-(0)478982034 [email protected] www.extrasynthese.com France
ESPI Corp Inc. 541.488.8311 [email protected] www.espi-metals.com United States
Shanghai Eagle Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. 0533-7548066 7548070 [email protected] www.qxgm.com China
Ningbo Everlop Import & Export Co., Ltd 86-574-27780896 27780897 27780898 [email protected] www.everlop.com China
Evershine Chemical Products 0251-871010 [email protected] www.evershinechem.com India
Guangzhou Evershine Colours & Chemicals Co.,Ltd +86-20-81566360,81566219 [email protected] www.evershinecolours.com China
EMCO Industrial Plastics, Inc. (800) 292-9906 [email protected] www.emcoplastics.net United States
Eastpro Technology Inc. 0571-88175143 89903344 [email protected] www.eastprotech.com China
Yixing FangQiao east chemical plant(Wuxi Orient Detergents Technological Co.,Ltd.) 0510-87581290 87587186 [email protected] www.eastchemicals.com China
Shandong Liaocheng E Hua Pharmaceutical CO,LTD. +86-635-8382239,8386272 [email protected] www.ehuapharm.com.cn China
ECEM European Chemical Marketing BV +31(0)20 3128220 [email protected] www.ecem.com The Netherlands
Erric Industries +91-79-25710570 +91-79-26767005 / 26730861 [email protected] www.erricindustries.com United States
Eureka chemicals 91-022-23743416 [email protected] www.eurekachem.com India
East Fine Chemical Factory Yixing 0510-87555658 [email protected] www.eastfinechem.com China
ExxonMobil Chemical Company 39-2-8803131 [email protected] www.exxonchemical.com Norway
Zhejiang East-Asia Pharmaceutical Chemical Co. Ltd. 0576-84285220 [email protected] www.eapharm.net China
Eurocontal SA +34 977 250657;+34 977 250658 [email protected] www.eurocontal.com Spain
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