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Far Research Inc. 321 723 6160 [email protected] www.far-research.com United States
Fayeton Inc. 858 380 6065 [email protected] www.fayeton.com United States
FDIchemical LTD. +380 503012696 [email protected] www.fdichem.com Ukraine
FeF Chemicals +45 5667 1000 [email protected] www.fef-chem.com Denmark
FERMENTAS Inc. 1 800 340 9026 [email protected] www.fermentas.com United States
Pfanstiehl Laboratories Inc. 847-623-0370 www.ferro.com United States
Finorga S. A. (33) (0) 472 49 19 70 [email protected] www.finorga.com France
Fisher Scientific UK +44 1509 231166 [email protected] www.fisher.co.uk United Kingdom
Fisher Chemical UK +44 (0) 1509 616994 [email protected] www.fisherchemicals.com United Kingdom
Fisher Scientific 800 766 7000 [email protected] www.fishersci.com United States
Fluorochem Ltd. +44 1457 868921 [email protected] www.fluorochem.net United Kingdom
F2 Chemicals Ltd. +44 01772 775802 [email protected] www.fluoros.co.uk United Kingdom
Fluorous Technologies Inc. 877-FLUOROFLASH [email protected] www.fluorous.com United States
FMC Lithium 704 868 5300 [email protected] www.fmclithium.com United States
Focus Synthesis LLC 858 485 5431 [email protected] www.focussynthesis.com United States
Fontarome Chemical, Inc. 414 744 3993 [email protected] www.fontaromechemical.com United States
Formosa Laboratories, Inc. 886 3 3240895 [email protected] www.formosalab.com China
Frinton Laboratories, Inc. 877-FRINTON (toll free) [email protected] www.frinton.com United States
Frontage Laboratories, Inc. 610 232 0100 [email protected] www.frontagelab.com United States
Frontier Scientific, Inc. 435 753 1901 [email protected] www.frontiersci.com United States
Fulcrum Scientific Ltd. +44 1484 317 214 [email protected] www.fulcrumscientific.com United Kingdom
Shanghai FWD Chemicals Co., Ltd. +86-21- 64251348 [email protected] www.fwdchem.com China
Jiangsu Fenghua Chemical Co., Ltd +86-0515-88551818,88563666,88562018 [email protected] www.fhchem.com China
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