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Company NameTelEmailWebSiteNationality
James Robinson Limited 01484 320313 (Dr. B. Catlow) www.james-robinson.ltd.uk United Kingdom
Jarchem Industries, Inc. 973 344 0600 [email protected] www.jarchem.com United States
Jayant Oil Mills (022) 373 8810/11/12/13 [email protected] www.jayantoil.com India
Jena Bioscience GmbH +49 3641 46 49 52 [email protected] www.jenabioscience.com Germany
JAPAN-LONG 03-5573-6100 [email protected] www.j-energy.co.jp Japan
Jame Fine Chemicals, Inc. 732 469-7760 [email protected] www.jfctechnologies.com United States
J.H. Calo Company, Inc. 866 300 3256 [email protected] www.jhcalo.com United States
JLM Marketing Inc., Subsidiary of JLM Industries Inc. 813 632-3300 [email protected] www.jlmi.com United States
Johnson Matthey Catalysts 865-453-7177 [email protected] www.jmcatalysts.com United States
Jost Chemical 1-314 428-4300 www.jostchemical.com United States
Dr. J. Pharmachem (India) +91 20 24332987 [email protected] www.jpharmachem.com India
JRD Fluorochemicals Ltd. 1372 360896 [email protected] www.jrdfluoro.co.uk United Kingdom
J.T. Baker-A Division of Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc. (908) 859-2151 www.jtbaker.com United States
Julich Chiral Solutions 49 24 61 980 400 [email protected] www.julich.com Germany
Junsei Chemical Co., Ltd. 81 03 3270 5413 [email protected] www.junsei.co.jp Japan
J & W PharmLab, LLC 1 215 428 9468 [email protected] www.jwpharmlab.com United States
Jiaxing Chenlong Chemical Co., Ltd. 86-0573-83103308 [email protected] www.jxclchem.com China
Chengdu Jinke Investment Ltd +86 28 87593708/87593258 [email protected] www.jinke-invest.com China
Jiahua Import & Export Co., Ltd 86-0573-82714639 [email protected] www.jiahuachemical.com China
Jiangyin Jiyang Medical Chemical Co., Ltd 0510-86052305 [email protected] www.jiyang.com China
Zhejiang Xianju Junye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd +86-576-87750168 [email protected] www.junyepharm.com China
Suzhou Jiuhai Chemical Co., Ltd 021-56138400,56138557 [email protected] www.jiuhaichem.com China
Shandong Jincheng Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Co., Ltd 86-533-5773517 [email protected] www.jinchengpharm.com China
Liyang Dongpeng Refining New Material Factory 0086-519-7312228, 7303370 [email protected] www.jslydp.com China
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Huangshan Jiahui Medicine Chemical Co., Ltd 0559-6519911 [email protected] www.jiahuichem.com China
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Jintan Green Chemical Co., Ltd., 0518-88581610 [email protected] www.jt-greenchem.com China
Beijing Jude Sun Pharmaceutical Science And Technology Co., Ltd www.jdyg.com.cn China
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