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Company NameTelEmailWebSiteNationality
Oakwood Products, Inc. 803 739 8800 [email protected] www.oakwoodchemical.com United States
OEM Concepts 877 341 3570 (Toll free) [email protected] www.oemconcepts.com United States
OMEGACHEM INC. 800 661-6342 (Canada and USA) [email protected] www.omegachem.com Canada
Omicron Biochemicals, Inc. 574 287 6910 [email protected] www.omicronbio.com United States
Onyx Scientific Limited 0191 516 6 516 [email protected] www.onyx-scientific.com United Kingdom
Optimachem 912-384-5101 [email protected] www.optimachem.com United States
ORGANICA Feinchemie GmbH +49 3494636389 [email protected] www.organica.de Germany
Organix Inc. 781 932 4142 [email protected] www.organixinc.com United States
OTAVA 416 305 9979 (Canada) [email protected] www.otavachemicals.com Ukraine
Otsuka Chemical Co. Ltd. (06) 6946 6231 www.otsukac.co.jp Japan
Oxford Chemicals +44 (0) 1429 863 555 [email protected] www.oxfordchemicals.com United Kingdom
Oxxides, Inc. 212 580 0216 [email protected] www.oxxides.com United States
Occidental Chemical Corporation 972 404 3800 www.oxy.com United States
Ozark Fluorine Specialties, Inc. 918 586 4079 R. Dale Fisher, Sales [email protected] www.ozarkfluorine.com United States
Changzhou Odoc International Trade Co., Ltd +86-519-85155810/ 85155811 / 85155812 [email protected] www.odoc-co.com China
Onward International Trade Co., Ltd 0086-838-8302040 [email protected] www.onward.net.cn Europe
Beijing Oriental Berger S&T Co., Ltd 010-51800039 13910994415 [email protected] www.obst-bj.com China
Qingdao Ouchem Trade Co., Ltd 86-0536-8587020 8589577 [email protected] www.ouchem.cn China
Shouguang Ocean Chemical Co., Ltd 0536-5456769 [email protected] www.oceanchemical.com China
Shanghai OLI Enterprises Co., Ltd (0086-21) 64830020 64830557 [email protected] www.oli-sh.com China
Dalian Yuanyong Organosilicon Plant +86-411-84377916 [email protected] www.organosilicon.com China
Yangzhou O & L Chemical Industry Co., Ltd +86-514-7261968 [email protected] www.onl-chemical.com China
Beijing Orient Fortune Co., Ltd (86-10)51074215 [email protected] www.orient-pk.com China
Onichem Specialities Co., Ltd 86-0411-62636091 [email protected] www.onichem.com China
Ningbo Orpharma chemicals Co., Ltd +86-576-88204560 [email protected] www.orpharma.com China
Tangshan Aodong Chemical Co., Ltd 0086-571-86946950 [email protected] www.oba.cn China
Jinan Orgachem Technology and Development Co., Ltd 86-531-82687809 [email protected] www.orgachem.com China
Qingdao On-Billion Import and Export Co., Ltd 0532-80681997 [email protected] www.obn.com.cn China
Originchem Co., Ltd 0523-86200346 [email protected] www.originchem.com China
Ochem Chemical Co., Ltd 0572-2678666 [email protected] www.ochem.biz China
Harbin Ocean Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd 0086-451-82366783,82300736 [email protected] www.oceanchina.com China
Suzhou Orilane Industrial Co., Ltd www.orilane.com China
Shanghai Oasis Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd +86-21-50454641 [email protected] www.oasischemic.com China
Qingdao Oriental Tongxiang Trading Co., Ltd 86-0532-82972627 [email protected] www.orientaltx.com China
Nanjing Odyssey Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 86 (025) 85312873 85321503 [email protected] www.odysseychem.net China
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Chengdu Okay Plant & Chemical Co., Ltd 028-87712315 [email protected] www.okaypharm.com China
Zhangjiagan Odyssey Maoyi Co., Ltd 0513-83885188 83886158 [email protected] www.odyssey-chem.com China
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Nanning Only-Time Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0771-3840565 3829609 [email protected] www.only-time.com China
Nantong Chengang Chemical Factory 86-513-83555021 [email protected] www.organosilane.com China
Hefei Dongfeng General Chemicals Plant 13805516447 [email protected] www.oxalic-cn.com China
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Canton Oledking Optoelectric Materials Co., Ltd [email protected] www.oledking.com China
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OLYMPIC STAR PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD 86-755-25310416 25310417 [email protected] www.olymstar.com China
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