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Company NameTelEmailWebSiteNationality
3RCHEM 203 653 2787 [email protected] www.3rchem.com United States
Rare Chemicals GmbH 49 43464566 [email protected] www.rarechem.de Germany
Raschig GmbH 49 621 5618 0 [email protected] www.raschig.de Germany
Robinson Brothers Limited (RBL) (0121) 553 2451 [email protected] www.rblrd.co.uk United Kingdom
Shanghai RC Chemicals Co., Ltd. 86-21-50322175 [email protected] www.rcc.net.cn China
Reade Advanced Materials 401 433 7000 [email protected] www.reade.com United States
Recordati +39 02 48787654 [email protected] www.recordati.it Italy
Regis Technologies, Inc. 847 967 6000 [email protected] www.registech.com United States
Reheis- A General Chemical Company 908 464 1500 [email protected] www.reheis.com United States
SHANGHAI REITO CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. +86 2164122675 [email protected] www.reitochem.com China
Research Plus, Inc. 800 341-2296 (U.S. and Canada) [email protected] www.researchplus.com United States
Research Organics Inc. 800 321-0570 [email protected] www.resorg.com United States
Ricca Chemical Company 817 461 5601 www.riccachemical.com United States
Ricci Chimica +39 0756929241 [email protected] www.riccichimica.com Italy
Richman Chemical Inc. 215 628 2946 [email protected] www.richmanchemical.com United States
Rieke Metals, Inc. 402 434 2775 [email protected] www.riekemetals.com United States
RihaChem 420 7 2412 8971 [email protected] www.rihachem.com Czech Republic
Rintech, Inc. 301 987 1980 [email protected] www.rintechinc.com United States
Rio Tinto Minerals 303 643 0400 www.riotintominerals.com United States
RIT-CHEM Co. Inc. 914 769 9110 [email protected] www.ritchem.com United States
R & D Systems 612 379 2956 [email protected] www.rndsystems.com United States
ROCC S.A. 32 71 72 50 58 [email protected] www.rocc.be Belgium
Roche Applied Science 800 428 5433 [email protected] www.roche-applied-science.com United States
Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. 800 656 ROCK [email protected] www.rockland-inc.com United States
Rohnerchem 61/825 11 11 [email protected] www.rohnerchem.ch Switzerland
Rokem 86-21-50811396 [email protected] www.rokem.com China
R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc. 203 853 1400 [email protected] www.rtvanderbilt.com United States
Ryscor Science Inc. 919 875 1982 [email protected] www.ryscor.com United States
Ryss Laboratories 510 477 9570 [email protected] www.ryss.com United States
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Linkwell Rubber Chemicals Co., Ltd 86-532-85786641 [email protected] www.rubberchem.com China
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