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Company NameTelEmailWebSiteNationality
Pahi, S.L. (93) 656 24 09 [email protected] www.tartaricchemicals.com Spain
Tekchem, S.A. de C.V. (52-5) 272-2171 www.tekchem.com.mx Mexico
Time-Chem Technologies Co., Ltd. 0512-63983931 [email protected] www.time-chem.com China
TimTec Corporation 302 292 8500 [email protected] www.timtec.net United States
Tocris Bioscience +44 (0) 117 916 3333 [email protected] www.tocris.com United Kingdom
Toray Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (81) 47 350 6219 www.torayfinechemicals.com Japan
Torviq 269 687 2792 [email protected] www.torviq.com United States
Technology for Organic Synthesis Laboratory TOSLab [7] 3433754135 www.toslab.com Russia
TOSOH Corporation 81 3 5427 5168 [email protected] www.tosoh.co.jp Japan
Trans World Chemicals, Inc. (301) 279-2295 [email protected] www.transworldchemicals.com United States
Toronto Research Chemicals +1 (416) 665-9696 [email protected] www.trc-canada.com Canada
Trigona oHG +49 611 962 5283 [email protected] www.trigona.de Germany
TriLink BioTechnologies, Inc. 858 546 0004 [email protected] www.trilinkbiotech.com United States
Aagile Labs Division of Tyger Scientific 888-329-8990 [email protected] www.tygersci.com United States
Dongying Tianpu Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 86-546-3637616 3637916 [email protected] www.tianpuchem.com.cn China
Tianjin Tiancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0086-22-27390520 27992686 [email protected] www.tianchengpharma.com China
Tianjin Bailing Disinfectant Co., Ltd +86-22-27391779 [email protected] www.triclosan.cn China
Shanghai Taiheng Industry Co., Ltd 86-021-34622476 [email protected] www.taihengco.com China
Tianyi Fine Chemicals co., Ltd 0716-8350455, 0716-8352968 [email protected] www.tianyifinechem.com China
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Yixing Tengming Chemical Plant 0086-510-87137333 [email protected] www.tengmingchem.com China
Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co., Ltd +86-632-5113066 [email protected] www.th-chem.com China
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