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Company NameTelEmailWebSiteNationality
Vector Laboratories, Inc. 800 227 6666 [email protected] www.vectorlabs.com United States
Vertellus Specialties UK Ltd. (formerly Seal Sands Chemicals Ltd.) 800 223-0453 (Toll Free) [email protected] www.vertellus.com United Kingdom
Vickers Laboratories Ltd. +44 0113 236 2811 www.viclabs.co.uk United Kingdom
ViroGen Corporation 800VIROGEN Bulk Orders [email protected] www.virogen.com United States
Vision BioSystems 800 753 7264 [email protected] www.vision-bio.com United States
VITAS-M LABORATORY, LTD. +7 495 939 48 31 www.vitasmlab.com Russia
White Star Pigments & Chemicals 91 224137567 [email protected] www.vsnl.com India
VWR International 800 932 5000 [email protected] www.vwr.com United Kingdom
Venturepharm Laboratories Limited 86-10-88500088 [email protected] www.venturepharm.net China
Xuzhou Vat Chemical Co., Ltd 0516-87762960 [email protected] www.chinavat.com China
Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biology Co., Ltd 0572-8401209 [email protected] www.biok.com China
Hangzhou Verychem Science And Technology Co., Ltd 0086-571-88162785 8 [email protected] www.verychem.com China
Volant-Chem Corp +86-22-23261245,23261246 [email protected] www.volantchem.com China
Beijing Vita Sci-Tech Co., Ltd 010-51570286/87/88/89 [email protected] www.vitascitech.com China
Vital Biotech Holding Limited (+852) 25705886 [email protected] www.vitalbiotech.com China
Hebei Veyong Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0311-68018880 68018835 [email protected] www.veyongvet.com China
Shanghai Vigen Fine Chemical Co., Ltd 0086-21-61073808 [email protected] www.vigen.com.cn China
Vetpharm Biology Co., Ltd 86-0571-56003631 56003555 [email protected] www.viwachina.com China
Hangzhou Vanco Technology Co., Ltd 0571-88257687 56638023 [email protected] www.vancochem.com China
Varsal Chemical (Tangshan) Co., Ltd +86-315-2027889 [email protected] www.varsalchemical.com China
Jiangyin Victory Chemical Co., Ltd +86-(0)510-8602 3608 [email protected] www.victory-chemical.com.cn China
Shanghai Viwit Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 86-021-37775618 [email protected] www.viwit.com China
Xinxiang Vet Chempharm Co., Ltd 86-371-63520331 63520040 [email protected] www.vetchempharm.com China
Kunshan Maxim Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd 0086-0512-57468888 [email protected] www.vmf.cn China
Hangzhou Wanjing New Material Co., Ltd 86-0571-85351209 85367025 [email protected] www.veking.cn China
Vitasweet Co., Ltd + 86 10 8487 1211 [email protected] www.vitasweet.com.cn China
Vast Spring Enterprise Co., Ltd www.vastspring.com China
Tianjin Jie Zhong International Trade Co., Ltd +86 022 23511660 23358985 [email protected] www.visonmed.com China
Shijiazhuang Viovono Biochemistry Co., Ltd +86-312-3412968 [email protected] www.vinovobio.com China
Vasa Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. +91-79-26463707,26401759, 26561230,26461199 [email protected] www.vasapharmachem.com United States
Ven Petrochem & Pharma (India) Pvt.Ltd +91-22-2287 2501, 2287 1225 [email protected] www.venpetro.com United States
Vision Fluorochem Ltd. 510-870-8623 [email protected] www.visionfluorochem.com United States
Celanese co. +1-972-443-3750 [email protected] www.vinamulpolymers.com Germany
Varahi International + 91-79-2284 4991, 2284 4992 [email protected] www.varahiinternational.com United States
Varsal, Inc. 215-957-5880 x16 [email protected] www.varsal.com United States
VA-SUDHA Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. 9122-2568 4382/ 2561 1827 [email protected] www.vasudhachem.com Canada
Voltaix 1-908-231-9060 [email protected] www.voltaix.com United States
Vigon International, Inc. +1-570-4766300 [email protected] www.vigoninternational.com United States
Vinayak Corporation +91 22 2201 5811, 2203 1435, 2209 4812 [email protected] www.vinayakcorporation.com United States
Valetime Group [email protected] www.valetimegroup.com United Kingdom
Lanzhou Vinylon Group Company +86-931-7912242 7912243 [email protected] www.vinylons.com China
Vibgyor Chemtex Pvt Ltd +91-79-30920774 [email protected] www.vibgyorchemtex.com United States
SHILPA MEDICARE LIMITED, +0091-8532-235006, 236328 [email protected] www.vbshilpa.com United States
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Vankim Ltd. 02122589733 [email protected] www.vankim.com Turkey
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www.vwrsp.com 1-800-932-5000 [email protected] www.vwrsp.com United States